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£65 per half load loose
Full load loose (1.3m3): £110.00 Bulk bag: £100.00
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Kindling &

£10 for 3 bags/packs
mix and match available
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£85 per half load loose
Full load loose (1.3m3): £145.00 Bulk bag: £135.00
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About Our Firewood

Unlike the majority of firewood producers and sellers, we have invested over £250,000 in our firewood production to ensure a clean, low moisture, hot burning and easy to light firewood. This includes four bio mass kiln driers, which are run on waste wood and sawdust from our firewood and sawmilling production, including any timber that does not meet our high grade.

We have also installed a firewood cleaning unit which carefully removes the vast majority of debris and dirt, as well as small splinters of wood and sawdust. The result is a pure firewood with only the smallest trace of debris. All timber is locally sourced from tree surgery/clearance and forestry works in the local area ensuring a minimum carbon footprint.

Barn Kiln Dried Logs

Our barn kiln dried firewood is a mixture of all hardwoods including; Oak, Ash, Beech, Hornbeam, Cherry and Birch. We supply barn kiln dried wood in either 8.5” (20cm) or 12” (33cm) lengths.

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For A Premium Fire

Our premium grade timber consists of only Ash, Oak and Beech and can be cut to any size, ranging from 20cm to 75cm. All premium logs are very presentable for feature fire places and are guaranteed sub 20% moisture content (often less than 10%).

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Kindling & Firelighters

Flamers firelighters are made in Great Britain, for a clean burning and non-smelling fire. Our Kiln dried kindling is produced from virgin wood only.

Delivery is free inside the green circle

Delivery inside the blue circle is £10.00

For delivery outside of this area, please get in touch with us for a quotation. Stacking service is available for a additional fee of £20 per load or thirty minutes of stacking.

01483 267 739

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Although we endeavour to ensure all cuts are accurate, natural occuring abnormalities in wood can cause minor length variation.

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Kindling & Firelighters

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